We have added a new digital console to our collection of mixing desks. This is a Yamaha CL5 complemented by two Rio3224-D boxes.

The CL5 series is based on the DANTE transmission system and provides a broad range of accessories and compatibility with other systems,
hence we can offer complete and robust solutions.

The DANTE transfer interface is created by CISCO system of switches.

The primary and secondary (backup) distribution provides a safe operation without interruption,
even in the case of physical cabling damage.

There is also sufficient number of ports for connecting other devices, such as recording.

The system allows connection not only of standard metallic cables but even optics when required to achieve longer distances.

Power supply of FOH and STAGE is equipped by backup sources of APC UPS.

The principle for effective work on stage is perfect “Cable management”,
hence we have made Stage Rack for Rio Boxes supplemented by a system of “sub snake” cables
that allow you to place input Stagebox exactly where they are needed, and also to quickly change the configuration
of the system by using multi-pin connectors (invaluable eg. when scenes on stage are rapidly changed and the rolling risers are used)

RIO Rack front  RIO Rack back  StageBox